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RollTest Oy manufactures small series of measurement equipment, robotics, production automation equipment, prototypes and other complex products of mechatronics that require expertise also from areas of electronics and automation. Our production methods have been established so that we are quickly able to produce high-quality products. We also utilize contemporary machinery, e.g. powerful CNC lathes and milling machines.

Our clients include large Finnish technology companies from, for instance, the paper industry and electronics industry. Together we do close co-operation, and many times our collaboration has developed into a reliable partnership over the years.


In our contract manufacturing, we specialise in the design and production of complex mechatronic products.

RollTest’s clientele includes several Finnish high-tech companies operating in the global market, such as Valmet Automation, Cencorp Automation, Exel Composites, Nammo, Finnsonic, Sensapex, Defia, VR Group, AFT, Exens Development and Oplatek among others.

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